Christmas Ideas

Are you looking for Christmas ideas for your Scout? Here’s some stocking stuffers that won’t break the bank:

Merino Wool socks -wicks in all kinds of weather


Inflatable Solar Lantern

Small Backpacking Stove (Amazon carries one for less than $10 that work well)

A few S- biner clips (small carabiners)

Ultralight Nalgene Water Bottle (Rubbermaid makes one that works well)

Titanium Spork (or even a few plastic sporks)

Tenacious Repair Tape

Travel bottles for Cooking Oil, Condiments



Collapsible bowls like Fozzils or Sea to Summit (Walmart has some in the cooking aisle)

Microfiber Towel

Sea to Summit 3/4 inch accessory straps (These are narrow, lightweight straps)

Plastic Trowel (from the gardening section)

Bushcraft 101 book or even better the BSA Field Handbook

Compression Sack for sleeping bag


Antietam Hike and Sharpsburg

The troop hiked the history trail at Antietam this weekend. Starting at the campground, the troop took the Sherrick Farm trail through Bloody Lane  to the Visitor’s Center where an artillery and infantry demonstration was being held. A short jaunt over to Dunker Church and the Infantry encampment was next on the list. The hike continued through the West Woods to the Cornfield. The troop stopped here for lunch while listening to the history of soldier’s clothing and camping equipment from one of the re-enacters. Did you know that the Union jackets were padded? It helped to create a more soldierly profile. After lunch the troop passed the Mumma Farm, Roulette Farm, along the the Three Farms Trail back to camp.

After a rollicking game of capture the flag and a hearty dinner, the troop took a trip to Sharpsburg for ice cream at the nearly famous Nutter’s Ice Cream Shop. While there, a local man told the scouts about growing up in Sharpsburg, and the 40 acre lake that is underneath the town. He pointed out the way to the Sharpsburg Spring around where one of our Troop 883 scout family’s ancestors built the town. Overall, it was a great trip – for the history and the hiking.




Road Crew


The troop took the road crew challenge and picked up over 20 trash bags of trash from our nearly 2 mile adopted road. Thanks for all the help Scouts, and parents. The night ended with a cool treat.

IMG_6861  IMG_6867


Camp Cards – 50% in Your Scout Account

Do you or family shop at Safeway? This is an excellent opportunity to earn a few dollars for your scout account. Perhaps you get your oil changed at Jiffy Lube?

A camp card is a value/discount card which features coupon deals for local and
national businesses in and around the greater Baltimore area.

On the back of the card are 10 reusable discounts, valid from February 1, 2016 – December 31, 2016.

In addition to the reusable coupons, each card is outfitted with two one-time use, “break off” coupons. One is for Safeway $5 and the other is for Planet Fitness.

Each card is sold for $5.00, and provides the customer with no less than $100 in savings.

See Melissa to get your camp card. Each card is worth $2.50 in your scout account. Deadline to purchase is May 1, 2016.