Troop Historian Report on This Weekend’s Outing

After meeting at the shed on Friday night for packing, we went to Freedom Optimist Hall to complete Module 1 of ILST – troop-level leadership training. We planned some exciting outings for the upcoming year. After we completed that, we went outside to play football, then inside to sleep.
     The next morning we ate, packed up and left for the farm. The drive was interesting because of the fog across the Susquehanna river, arriving at the farm around 10:30. We all started to build shelters and/or put up hammocks which took a good chunk of the morning and a little of the afternoon. Dillon took us on a short hike where we climbed two hills that overlooked the river, found burnable fungus, a radish patch and a deer carcass. We all helped cut firewood, when we started the fire.  Alex hosted it. We had dinner, talked, played card games and went to sleep. Ms.Melissa got to try her new hammock.
Sunday morning we rose at around 7:00, packed up our things and departed at around 9:00 and reaching the church at 10:30.

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