National Youth Leadership Training

Troop 883 is committed to youth leadership development, and we highly recommend youth leaders – particularly those who have the potential to serve as the Senior Patrol Leader or an Assistant Senior Patrol Leader – complete advanced leadership training.

The primary advanced leadership training course is National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT).  The course is offered twice per year by Baltimore Area Council – once in the spring and once in the fall.

In order to attend NYLT, Scouts must:

  • Be at least 13 years of age on the first night of the course
  • Be at least First Class rank on the first night of the course
  • Be recommended by the Scoutmaster

The Troop Committee has committed to pay for youth training costs, and we fully support youth leadership training, including NYLT.

The Troop Committee will include in the annual Troop budget funding for youth leadership training.

The Scoutmaster is responsible for recruiting and approving future senior leaders to attend NYLT.  The primary criteria to select Scouts to attend NYLT is the Scoutmaster’s perceived potential for the Scout to serve as a senior youth leader (SPL or ASPL) in the Troop.  The Scoutmaster should present to the Troop Committee a prioritized list of the name(s) of any Scout(s) recommended to attend the next NYLT course.  Pending availability of funds, the Troop Committee is responsible for approving the Scoutmaster’s recommendations and funding the training.

The Troop Committee will be responsible for either:

  • Approving funding for NYLT training – not to exceed the amount set aside in the Troop budget – based upon the Scoutmaster’s prioritized list of attendees
  • Setting aside additional funding to support all Scouts who have been recommended by the Scoutmaster

Approved by the Troop Committee on June 20, 2016