Scout Accounts

Troop 883 uses Scout accounts to:

  • Manage cash deposits to the Troop by parents for Scouting-related expenses (recharter fees, outing costs, summer camp costs, High Adventure costs, etc.)
  • Allocate and manage proceeds from Troop-sponsored fundraising activities (Martin’s cards, Easter Candy sales, etc.)
  • Pay for Scouting-related costs and fees (recharter fees, outing costs, summer camp costs, High Adventure costs, etc.)

Scouts are permitted to use funds from Scout Accounts to broadly support the Scout’s participation in the Scouting program, including (but not limited to):

  • Program costs (recharter, etc.)
  • Outing costs (monthly outings, summer camp, high adventure, etc.)
  • Scouting costs (uniforms, Eagle Scout Court of Honor costs, etc.)
  • To the extent permitted by BSA, Eagle Scout Service Projects
  • Camping equipment (for Scout use)
  • Other reasonable costs approved by the Troop committee

Funding into Scout Accounts occurs from two sources:

  • Deposits made by the Scout/Scout family into the account (cash or checks)
  • Proceeds from fundraising activities (including, but not limited to, Martin’s cards, Easter Candy sales, Scout cards, etc.)

A Scout who “ages out” and then registers as an adult leader has the option to keep his Scout Account open to pay for future costs of Scouting.

If a Scout leaves the Troop for any reason, any remaining proceeds in the Scout Account will be handled as follows:

  • Proceeds may be transferred to a sibling or other relative.
  • Proceeds may, at the Scout’s election, be donated to the Troop – in most cases, to fund our “Campership” program to make Scouting affordable to all Scouts and their families.
  • Proceeds may be transferred to another unit (Troop, Crew, etc.) if the Scout moves to another unit.
  • Proceeds will otherwise be transferred by the Troop Treasurer to the Scout.

Approved by the Troop Committee on June 20, 2016.