Campership Fund

General Guidelines

  1. This Campership Fund is only for Active Scouts (not adults and not siblings) of Troop 883.  An “Active” Scout is defined below.
  2. This Campership Fund is to be used to pay for the costs of the Scouting program, including:  Troop outings and activities, District and Council events, summer camp, Troop recharter fees, Scout uniforms, and other reasonable expenses that are approved by the Campership Fund Subcommittee and the Troop Committee.
  3. Each requested expenditure from the Campership Fund shall be made separately.
  4. Any monies in a Scout Account must be used before any Campership Fund monies are applied.
  5. Each case will be given individual consideration. 
  6. PLEAE NOTE:  All requests for assistance will be treated with total confidentiality.  Only two people (the Campership Fund Program Subcommittee Chair and the Treasurer) will know the identity of the family requesting assistance.  The Campership Fund Program Subcommittee will go to great lengths to make sure your confidentiality is maintained.

Definition of an “Active Scout”

  1. Is a registered member of Troop 883
  2. Regularly attends Troop meetings, outings, and activities
  3. Materially participates in Troop fundraisers
  4. Participates in Troop service projects (like Scouting for Food)

Campership Fund Disbursement Process

  1. The Treasurer will account for all funds associated with the Campership Fund Program.  When reporting to the Troop Committee, the Treasurer will in no way identify the recipient of the Troop Funds.
  2. The Campership Fund Program Subcommittee of the Troop Committee will consist of at least four (4) individuals.  These people will be selected and approved by the Troop Committee.  There will also be at least one alternate for the Subcommittee, in case a member of the Subcommittee is unavailable (due to illness, business travel, etc.).   The Subcommittee will consider all requests for financial assistance using a basic checklist to determine eligibility.  This checklist will ultimately be kept on file with the Troop Treasurer.  Again, every effort will be made to maintain the privacy of the family seeking funds from the Campership Fund Program.  Only those members of the Campership Fund Subcommittee and the Treasurer will know the identity of the family receiving funds under this program.
  3. To request funds from the Campership Fund, families should complete the attached form and mail it, email it, or drop it off to the Subcommittee Chair AT LEAST TEN (10) DAYS PRIOR TO THE DATE THE FUNDS ARE NEEDEDPlease note:  this is one case in the Scout Troop where the responsibility falls to the family and not the Scout.  It is possible (and preferable) for the Scout to remain “out of the loop” with the campership process.  The Subcommittee Chair will then schedule a meeting or conference call with the members of the Campership Fund Subcommittee.  The Subcommittee Chair will use best efforts to schedule the meeting or conference call as quickly as possible following the request for funds.  After a decision has been reached, the Subcommittee Chair will note the results of the Subcommittee’s decision on the form, will submit the form to the Treasurer for payment (if appropriate) and recordkeeping, and will communicate the results to the family requesting assistance.

Limitation of Funds

The amount of money given out in Campership Funds each year is limited to the amount that is included in the approved Troop 883 Operating Budget.  However, the Troop Committee can increase the funding available to the Campership Funds Program during the year if needed.

Campership Form:  Troop 883 Campership Requirements – 03192016

Approved by the Troop Committee – January 2013