Martin’s Cards

Are you looking for ways to offset the cost of Troop activities and trips?   Did you know that our Troop uses the Martin’s Cash for Causes to help with this?  You simply order Martin’s gift cards for the amount of money that you would normally spend on grocery shopping (or gas from the Martin’s gas pumps!).  There are no additional fees.   The great part of this is that 5% of every order that you place goes directly to your son’s Scout Account.  This, in turn, can be used to pay for your son’s trips, activities, or other Scout-related purchases.

Questions can be directed to Kristin at 443.286.4121.

How it Works:

  1.   To purchase cards:
    1. Fill out the order form at give it to Kristin Bird at the 2nd Monday of each month.
    2. Bring a check payable to Troop 883 for the face value of the card.   PLEASE NOTE:  You must pay for the cards before the order is placed.
    3. Kristin will bring the cards to the next Troop Meeting, or you can make alternative arrangements with her to pick them up.
    4. You use the full face value of the cards just like a debit card at all Stop & Shop, Giant, Super Giant, Tops, and Martin’s store locations.
  2. Five percent (5%) of the value of the card is deposited into your son’s Scout Account.
    1. If you spend $100 per week on groceries or gasoline, your son will accumulate more than $250 per year in a Scout account in his name!
    2. The proceeds from the account can be used to pay for Scouting-related items for your son, including:
      1. Trips and outings
      2. Troop dues
      3. Uniforms
      4. Other reasonable, Scout-related expenses
    3. The only caveat – if your son chooses to leave Scouting at any time, the proceeds revert to the Troop.  If requested, the Troop will provide you with a receipt for the donation (for tax purposes).
    4. The funds can also be used for a Friends of Scouting donation.  Again, the Troop will provide you with a receipt for this donation (for tax purposes).

Order Form – Fundraiser Martins order form(2) 11-10-11