2013_05a (Eagle Project: Zack Harvatine)
Pictures from Zack Harvatine's Eagle project — approximately September, 2012 to February, 2013
40 photos
2013_02a (Winter Camping)
High Adventure winter camping/back packing in Black Moshannon State Forest (near State College, PA). We made an early morning diversion over to Punxsutawney to see Phil and his forecast (that was way off the mark). We spent some time on a frozen lake skating and learning about ice fishing.
23 photos
2012_08a (Summer Camp)
3 photos
2012_07a (Swim Party)
The troop held a summertime swim party at the South Carroll Swim Club. The scouts did a swim test in preparation for summer camp, had a picnic and mostly played in the pool.
10 photos
2012_04a (Backpacking on the Appalachian Trail)
18 photos
2012_01b (Klondike Derby)
Carroll District Klondike Derby at Freedom Park, Sykesville, MD
8 photos
2012_01a (Ice Skating)
The scouts did a day trip for ice skating in Reisterstown. We were lucky to have a Ice Skating merit badge counselor to accompany us so many of the scouts earned a merit badge as well.
50 photos
2011_09a (Court of Honor)
Court of Honor held in September, 2011
7 photos
2010_12a (Winter Camp)
Cabin camping at Camp Horseshoe — Schram Lodge. Did rock/wall climbing at the COPE area. Could not leave for camp until Saturday morning due to the slippery roads in Carroll County on Friday night.
56 photos
2010_03a (Horseback Outing)
57 photos
2010_01a (January Cabin Camping)
Camping in troop 78 cabin, helicopter museum, and indian lore.
39 photos
2009_12a (December Cabin Camping)
Winter Camp at Horseshoe, Electronics Merit Badge
5 photos
2009_08a (Summer Camp)
5 photos
2008_12a (Winter Camp)
5 photos
2008_07a (Summer Camp)
Troop 883 2008 Summer Camp
1 photo
2008_07a (Summer Camp)
1 photo
Eagle Project: Stephen F. Gonski
About the project:
Completed: Fall 2007
Project: St. Francis of Assisi Meditation Trail (Short Description: ┬╝ mile long one way trail with markers, found either on trees or posts, containing verses from St. Francis┬ĺ Canticle of the Sun winding through rolling wooded grounds lined with white rocks ending in a clearing.)
15 photos
2007_08a (Summer Camp)
15 photos
2006_08a (Summer Camp)
15 photos
2006_05a (Laural Caverns)
15 photos
2006_03a (Gunpowder Falls Camping)
17 photos
2005_12a (Winter Camp)
15 photos
2005_11a (Orienteering)
17 photos
2005_08a (Summer Camp)
18 photos
2005_02a (Cold Winter Camping)
Cold weather tent camping at Catoctin, MD
15 photos
2005_01 (January Cabin Camping)
Cabin camping at the Troop 78 cabin in Paoli, PA
23 photos
2003_12a (Winter Camp)
Winter Camp
8 photos
2003_11a (Orienteering)
Orienteering Outing
8 photos
2003_08a (Summer Camp)
Summer Camp
5 photos
2003_07a (Biking Greenbrier)
Biking trip on the Greenbrier trail in WV
17 photos
2002_10a (Backpacking)
Backpacking weekend in the Catoctin's
9 photos
2002_08a (Summer Camp)
Troop 883 Summer Camp at Camp Horseshoe
14 photos