Boards of Review

Boards of Review can be scheduled at any time after you have completed your Scoutmaster Conference for that rank,   Generally, Boards of Review will be held outside of Troop Meetings.  Ideally, we will have Boards of Review between 6:30 PM and 7:00 PM before every Troop Meeting, but other dates can be arranged.  Boards of Review must be scheduled after the Scoutmaster Conference for that rank – generally the next week.

PARENTS:  Please let the Scout take the initiative to set up the Board of Review!  The Scout should make the call to set up the BOR!

To schedule a Board of Review:

  • Make sure the requirements in your book are signed off and that you have completed a Scoutmaster Conference for that rank
  • Contact Mrs. Knies via email ( or phone 410.790.4831
    • We are working to create a scheduling link via the Troop website

Parents should NEVER sit on Boards of Review for their sons – nor should they be in the same room during the BOR.

Please arrive for your BOR about 5 minutes early, in your complete Field Uniform, with your Boy Scout Handbook.  BORs up to 2nd Class take 10-15 minutes.  BORs for 1st Class, Star, and Life take longer (20-30 minutes or so).  Eagle Scout BORs take 30-45 minutes.  Plan accordingly.

Bottom Line:  We will do everything possible to make sure a Scout can receive a Scoutmaster Conference and a Board of Review as soon as he is ready to advance to the next rank.